Gerald Wallace meets Tom Brady before Patriots-Saints game

Gerald Wallace has mentioned previously that he is a fan of both the Red Sox and the Patriots because he's from Alabama, a state with no professional sports teams. In fact, he has a room of his house dedicated to the Patriots:

I’m just fascinated with [Patriots quarterback Tom] Brady. I like watching Brady play. I’ve been a big, big Brady fan since he started in the league. I’ve been following him since Day 1, him and coach [Bill] Belichick. They are my favorite team. Actually, in my house, I have a Patriots room -- big Patriots and Red Sox fan. I have a couple Brady jerseys. A couple pictures of Brady, Belichick, the championship teams. A couple of the Super Bowl pictures.

Before today's game, which featured some insane last minute heroics from Tom Brady against the Saints, Wallace got to meet his idol. The official Celtics instagram posted a photo from this moment (above).

Hopefully this is an omen that Wallace could lead the Celtics to some crazy last minute victories. We no longer have Paul Pierce to take the game winning shot, so perhaps Wallace's veteran presence could help in this regard.