Everybody loves Ron Adams

New Celtics assistant coach Ron Adams has been winning over new fans within the team and organization since he began with the team this past August. Widely considered to be one of the best defensive coaches in the NBA, Adams has been working with NBA teams since 1992. The most recent teams on his resume include some of the toughest teams the Celtics have faced in recent years- the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Chicago Bulls.

Members of the 2013-14 Celtics are said to be very impressed with Adams' basketball IQ and hands on approach to coaching.

“Every player I’ve seen him work with, they’ve always got something to say about the little things that he’s talked to them about, or the little details that they can add to their game from him,” said forward Brandon Bass. “He’s been a great addition.”

Adams is also said to be a steady influence on the bench next to coach Brad Stevens. It's funny - I would never expect a coaching wunderkind like Stevens and a defensive mastermind who's coached everywhere from Fresno State to the David Robinson era Spurs to get along so well.

“What I love about Ron is he understands the process, he understands the big picture, but he challenges you to be great every day,” Stevens said.

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Source: Baxter Holmes; Boston.com

Photo Source: AP/GreenStreet