Danny Ainge's new role... as a broadcaster?

So as many of you already probably read yesterday, CSNNE is having a major shake up. Boston Celtics fans will still get Mike Gorman and Tommy Heinsohn on the call for their home games, but Tommy (as he has begun to do in recent years) will not be traveling this season.

Forget the other names that will be covering for Tommy (although Chris Herren comes as a shock), we need to talk about Danny Ainge filling in on occasion. This is a genius move by the Celtics... but that does not necessarily mean that I like it. A move like this is what you call "covering all bases", Danny was a great baseball player, he knows a thing or two about that.

In all seriousness though, how are we suppose to take this from the Celtics and CSNNE? I'm sure Danny will do a good job helping out calling games; "Hey, great move by Jeff Green there", or "Rajon Rondo is just so good at moving the ball." But make no mistake, this move was made to cover the Celtic's asses.

All the hype at media day mentioned nothing about a rebuild, only that this team is better than people are giving credit and that they are going to go out and prove it. If this is true and the C's can put forward an unexpected Boston Red Sox type season, please be my guest. Ainge can hop on the broadcast and take all the credit for the success.

Or when things start going down the drain and the "tanking" talk comes along with the Rondo trade scenarios, the fans are going to need answers. Ainge will be there to give those answers to them. Whether it is how good the team looks in practice and that Ainge feels confident that he will be able to get the right free agents in next summer, or just talk about how deep the incoming draft is, we will hear about it. To a degree this is good news, some insight from the man in charge... but don't expect me to buy into Danny's BS when he tries to cover his own tail.

Honestly, I hope this team can shine this year. Best case scenario is they show flashes of how good their young core can be together, while still winning about 25 games. Hit on a draft pick while luring a key free agent to town that is excited to play with a young team and be a new face for the Boston Celtics.

Despite my bashing of Ainge, I do respect the guy. The moves he made in the 2007 offseason made Boston contenders right away, might as well let him try again. No matter what happens, Ainge will be front and center all season, feeding the fans what they want to hear. Really what fans may need to hear, is that if this season does not go smoothly, it could be a long ride back to the top.

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