C's begin to bond in Newport... by doing a lot of nothing

The Boston Celtics are on an off day today before starting practices in Waltham on Saturday. Coming off of three days of training camp in Newport, RI, a team filled with new faces seem to be enjoying each other's company, according to ESPN Boston.

Here is a taste of what Jeff Green and Brad Stevens had to say about the experience:
Forgive the 2013-14 Boston Celtics for being boring. Asked what the team did to bond the past three days, Jeff Green admitted the list wasn't particularly thrilling. Dinners, video games, challenges, cards," said Green. "Just being around each other. We didn’t really get out to Newport that much. We just stayed in the hotel." New Celtics coach Brad Stevens isn't a big believer in gimmicks. Back at Butler, he shunned Midnight Madness ("We went to work," he noted) and believes that simply getting the team out of its typical training facility for three days might have been enough to aid team chemistry. "I think the idea of coming here was good," said Stevens. "I said this the other day, I’m not a big believer in [off-the-court] games to team build and some of that stuff. When you start to do tough things together, you really start to build a camaraderie."

It sounds like everyone is really just taking the time to get to know each other out of genuine interest, rather than forcing every one to bond through planned events. This team still has a lot to settle on the court before we start giving them too much credit, Monday night's pre-season game at the Garden will be the first measuring stick.

Source: ESPN Boston

Photo: Yahoo Sports

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