Crawford is just "misunderstood"

So what if I'm misguided and undecided about Jordan Crawford? Who isn't right now? The Celtics are currently experimenting with backcourt combinations. If this was a normal season. Rondo, and Bradley would have already been penciled in as the starting backcourt. My First impression so far concerning who Stevens picks as a sidekick to go along Bradley is Jordan Crawford. Courtney Lee has been playing typical Courtney Lee basketball. Brooks came on against the Knicks when he posted 13 points Saturday night.

The shooting guard that has shown the most promise with Bradley has been Crawford. I would consider Gerald Wallace with Bradley, but Wallace seems to be Green's backup at the moment. Crawford has a bad reputation among fans. I've been someone who has bagged on Crawford, but the one thing that he has that Lee may not have is a willing confidence that doesn't go away. Once Rondo returns, Bradley will likely go back to shooting guard. After that the minutes will get tighter. Until then Brad Stevens has more than a few more games to decide which direction he wants to go. Like him or hate him. Crawford has earned his playing time. I'm actually banking on Crawford to play well,so a team at the trading deadline that needs a six man goes after him.

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"[Crawford is] very misunderstood," said Jared Sullinger. "He’s really a team-first type of guy. Very good teammate. And he makes the right plays. Everybody says he makes the wrong plays, [but] he makes the right plays. And he looks for his shot, and that’s what everybody does. He knows his role."

"I just think Jordan is a playmaker," said Stevens. "He makes some for himself; he makes some for others. He’s a good basketball player. I was telling [assistant coach] Ron Adams on the way in, Jordan is the kind of guy that walks into the gym on Saturday night after a back-to-back and that’s where the next game is. That’s the way that he’s always been. He’s probably looking for a game tomorrow [on Boston's offday]. That’s who he is and I respect that. I like that. I wasn’t surprised he played well."

Is this a more mature Crawford?

"My impression of Jordan Crawford before I got here was he almost beat us at Hinkle," said Stevens, referencing a 2009 meeting in which Crawford scored 20 points but No. 21 Butler escaped with a 69-68 triumph. "He put on a show, so I knew what he could do scoring the ball. He’s a really good passer. He’s a better passer than people realize. He’s done nothing but buy in."

All I can say is that Crawford has been working for the starting job,and it also seems that Stevens is leaning that way. Jordan has been more aggressive then Lee, and he's not afraid to take the shot. I'm not a fan of some of those shots, but so far he seems to be more disciplined this season, or he just listens better under Stevens.

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Photo: Spruce Derden