#Celtics Wrap Up: Preseason Game 2 vs. New York

The Celtics made their way to Providence tonight to do battle with the New York Knicks.

First Quarter was all about everyone getting their nervous "it's gonna be a long season" comments out of the way.

Mid quarter levity brought to you by the Celtics color commentators

Tweet of the Night Nominee. Funkhouser!

The Sports Hub deal just paid for itself.

As the quarter drew on the C's started to find some rhythm. While NO ONE has the Garnett intimidation factor, Olynyk, Vitor, and Humphries are going to add some seriously needed interior defense this season.

The Second Quarter belonged to Vitor Faverani. Twitter imploded.

New Celtics sideline reporter Abby Chin tells the story of how at practice Vitor Faverani caught asst. coach Jamie Young with an elbow to the face. It took 8 stitches to close, covered the court with blood, and brought a smile to Danny Ainge's face. No one is safe.

By the third quarter, Twitter started to talk itself into the new look Celtics...

...until the Fourth Quarter, when those nervous "long season" tweets came ROARING back.

Things went from bad to worse when my season nightmare came true.

As if the Celtics saw all of these tweets streaming in, they flipped to the training camp signees and got LIT ON FIRE.

Holy crap, what a game. This was preseason?!

All in all the line tinkering continues as the Celtics are working to find their identity, who their game time leaders will be, and who will be the much needed spark off the bench. Both Babb and Pressey were super impressive leading the Celtics back with a late fourth quarter 20-4 run. Wow.

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