Celtics cut remaining camp invitees, roster at just 14 to stay below luxury tax; but is Chris Babb really gone?

On Wednesday night word got out that the C's had let go two of their four training camp invitees.  This morning they officially gave notice that all 4 had been released:

The Celtics roster is now made up of only 14 players, with one spot still available.  However, for the time being it will remain unclaimed, as the club's total salary ($71.6 million) currently stands just a few thousand dollars below the luxury tax line ($71.75 million).  Via ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg, here's what Danny Ainge had to say:

"Right now we’re barely under the luxury tax, so we really have no choice. We will stay under the tax this year. We have to. As we’re rebuilding, not just from a standpoint of the financial budget, but as a competitive advantage."

While Bell-Holter, Taylor, and Sims were all gone, Chris Babb was still with the team during last night's season ticket holder open practice (#52 pictured above).  Forsberg implies that this may have been his choice, but Babb was also clearly the one who stood out the most during the C's preseason.  Boston is allowed to assign three of their roster cuts to their D-League affiliate in Maine, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Babb resurface with the Celtics at some point this season.

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