Bradley, Lee, Wallace, Bass and Sullinger to start against the Knicks.

Interesting to see that Green will come off the bench in this game. I wonder how long that will last. It's good to see that Stevens is bold, and experimenting like crazy. The Celtics will be going pretty small with either Bass or Sullinger starting at center. Honestly, I would've liked a bigger lineup, especially up front but let's see how it goes.

Sullinger and Bass give you a pretty good inside-outside game, and it looks like Stevens is putting in Wallace to see if he can keep his momentum going from the last game, and continue to build his confidence. Lee and Bradley remain in the starting lineup despite shabby offensive performances in the first game, but those two guards are likely too good defensively for them to be replaced right now.

And it looks like Brooks will play after all:

Hopefully he can somewhat redeem himself from the last game. He didn't play many minutes, but I'm sure he wants a larger impact in this game later on tonight, especially since he'll be back in Providence.