Brad Stevens to use multiple starting lineups

Brad Stevens has yet to announce what the Boston Celtic's starting lineup will be this season. Not surprisingly, we found out today that there is no right answer. The starters will be shifting based on what Coach Stevens sees on the floor. Here is some of what Stevens had to say after Sunday's practice (courtesy of
“You can look into it as much as you want, but I would say it’s more of we’re just looking for, ‘Hey, this combination might be something we’re interested in. This bench combination might be something we’re interested in,’” Stevens said after Sunday afternoon’s practice. “The first unit, the second unit, one thing I’ll probably try to do is put some guys together who I think may fit together better, whether that means they end up starting or they come off the bench, I think that’s to be determined.” Stevens also made it clear that the starting lineup is likely to change quite a bit throughout this preseason. “I just told the guys, and I told you guys this yesterday, we’re going to be tinkering with lineups quite a bit,” he said. “I don’t know what we’ll do in games 2, 3 and 4, but I’m guessing we will not start the same lineup. I’m guessing we’ll really shift things around.”
Sure there will be plenty of nights this year that as Celtics fans will be pulling their hair out, but it should be a fun season in the sense that we get to watch how all these lineups will play out. Essentially who ever starts, it really doesn't matter. Minutes will be earned in practice, and whether someone is starting or coming off the bench they could play just as important a role as anyone on the C's roster this season.


Photo: ESPN Boston

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