Avery Bradley Wins Over Internet, Says Detlef Schrempf Was Favorite Player

Avery Bradley recently did an interview with Slam Magazine, in which he said the two toughest players to defend.... you know what, who cares?! let's get to it! AVERY BRALDEY'S FAVORITE PLAYER GROWING UP WAS DETLEF SCHREMPF!

SLAM: In basketball, was there someone you modeled your game after?

AB: Actually [laughs], when I was real young I was a huge Detlef Schrempf fan. I loved those Sonics teams and obviously loved Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp, but Detlef Schrempf was my favorite. I wore number 11 because of him. I was also a big fan of Sean Elliott’s. I wore 32 in high school

No wonder the guy's an elite defensive talent! While you were off admiring Shawn Kemp's dunks, or Gary Payton's swagger, Avery Bradley's (who was SEVEN when the Sonics made the finals) is admiring the three and d capabilities of Detlef Schrempf! "Ya, Payton's dunks were dope, but what about Detlef's ability to stretch the D?!" - Avery Bradley to his grade school buddies.

And when he's done with Schrempf?! Onto Sean Elliot! SEAN ELLIOT! Again, you've got a team with one of the league's biggest superstars in David Robinson, and young Avery Bradley can't get enough of the steady guard-play by Sean Elliot. The guy lives for the unspecactular.

I change my mind. Danny, give this guy all of the money.