Avery Bradley does nice job managing first pre-season game for The Celtics

By Clint Corey
Although, his stat line was underwhelming Avery Bradley demonstrated last night that he will be an able replacement at point guard until Rajon Rondo returns. Brad Stevens assessment:
“I thought Avery did a pretty good job overall,” Stevens said. “Obviously, he’ll want to cut down on the turnovers and increase the assists. But I think sometimes when you’re playing with a guy who is getting used to that position it’s better to gauge him by hockey assists than assists. I thought he made a lot of nice plays that led to the next pass.”

This is better indicated that The Celtics had 25 assists for 33 baskets which means when they did score it was off of good ball movement. Unfortunately, as a team, they shot a paltry 39.8 percent for the game. This number is even less impressive when considering the Celts were able to get some really easy baskets in transition. Bradley, in fact, provided one of the highlights on the break off of a nice ball steal:

Some other positives from Bradley include he was aggressive with his offense meaning, hopefully, he will be more assertive at the point than last year. The team also only had fourteen turnovers, a low number for a preseason game, illustrating Bradley did a nice job managing the team in the half court.

It will be nice to get Rondo back but in the meantime it will be fun to continue to watch Avery's progression as an overall player.

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