And featuring Danny Ainge as Jimmy Chitwood? Lebron as "The Jerk"

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According to WEEI Green Street Blog Danny Ainge once let the actor who played the unforgettable Jimmy Chitwood role in Hoosiers, that, he (Ainge), wanted the role for himself in typical Danny Ainge fashion:

“I loved the Boston Celtics,” Maris Valainis, the actor who played the iconic character, told the Beats & Eats podcast. “I remember we actually got to go to a preseason game when they were playing the Pacers. We were just getting started filming, the game was over and Danny Ainge was running off the court. We were kind of courtside, and he looks at me and pointed at me, and he goes, ‘I’m going to take your spot in the movie.’”

Personally, I don't see it. The film worked perfectly with the Hickory Huskers all being unknown actors. Not to mention Valainis' role had way too little dialogue especially for Ainge from his playing days.

Although ask me about Ray in the Jesus Shuttlesworth role because that was perfect. The difference is "He Got Game" had college coach (John Thompson, Roy Wiliams) and player cameos and roles interspersed throughout (Waltah!!, Reggie Miller, Travis Ford etc.) the film.

Speaking of Ray, rumors are floating around Hollywood that Lebron's in talks to reprise Steve Martin's role as Navin R. Johnson in a remake of the 1979 classic comedy "The Jerk."

Nothing has been confirmed but talks are ongoing (especially from Lebron).

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