Sullinger has pretrial hearing Monday, motion to remove stay away order

Jared Sullinger checked in at Waltham district court on Monday for a pretrial hearing, despite not having a pursuing complainant. Reportedly Sullinger’s girlfriend, Deann Smith, does not want to press charges against the Celtic forward, but once a complaint has been filed it's not the alleged victim's decision on whether to press forward with the charges. In the wake of the Jared Remy situation, the district attorneys probably want to make sure nothing like that happens again. Smith's attorney, Melinda L. Thompson, filed an affidavit stating that her client “opposed the stay away and no contact order,” and “stated that she did not want to pursue the case and is not fearful of Mr. Sullinger.”

Sully is due back in court on October 28th, which might not be necessary if they come to a conclusion beforehand which often can happen in cases like these. Sullinger’s attorney filed a motion requesting to modify the stay away and no unsupervised contact orders. The lawyers did all the talking for both parties to the media, and Sully's stated that  “He’s embarrassed but doing fine, and hoping that it comes to an end soon.”

As more and more details emerge about this case, it seems to that all parties involved regret what happened. Domestic violence is no joke and I do not want to speculate at all but it seems that they both don’t want this to move forward with this. Danny Ainge backed his power forward stating:
I hope this works out for both parties, and that they have resolved their conflicts. Situations like this shouldn't happen ever, and Sully will probably have to do community service or something to help battered women as justifiable punishment. I look forward to Sully rebuilding his image and making it right, if he keeps doing the right thing I'll support him like Ainge does too.