Paul Pierce dismisses J.R. Smith and his jab

Paul Pierce has been talking up his and the Nets rivalry with the Knicks. J.R. Smith earlier this month said that Pierce was bitter and he would pay for his words. Paul Pierce this week did his best Pedro Martinez impression (Who is Karim Garcia?) according to the New York Post:
“Who?” Pierce said when asked Thursday afternoon about Smith, a frequent participant in Knicks-Nets jawboning this offseason.
When Smith’s name was repeated, Pierce made his point clear.
“Who? Who are we talking about right now? Exactly.”

Basically Pierce is saying unless you're talking about the JR from Celtics Life then he has no idea who you are referring to. J.R. Smith might as well be J.R. Giddens to him. And the Knicks aren't who the Nets are concerned about. The Pacers, Bulls, and Heat are the other teams atop the East. The Knicks are irrelevant.