Charges Against Terrence Williams Dropped

Nearly four months after he was originally charged with assault for allegedly pulling a gun on the mother of his son, a King County, WA prosecutor has dropped the charges against former Celtic, Terrence Williams.

In a statement released on their blog, his attorney says:

Terrence feels grateful for the diligent and thorough investigation that the King County Prosecutors Office and the Kent Police Department conducted in this matter.

Terrence was confident from the beginning that he had acted in self-defense, and is vindicated in knowing that law enforcement felt the same way after reviewing all of the evidence presented to them.

Terrence looks forward to moving on with his life and focusing his energy on his career and family.

With the charges dropped, and without a point guard until December, it'd be interesting to see if the Celtics would consider bringing back Terrence Williams. While Williams physical talents were evident from day one, it seemed like he grew confidence in his game over time: Going from playing 'hot potato' with the basketball at the start of his tenure to an integral role in a game 5 playoff victory against the Knicks. While talent vs. decision making has always been the trouble with the former University of Louisville lottery pick, it'd be interesting to see what another NBA season under his belt could produce.

To be honest, much like the 2K ratings guy, I can't quit on Terrence William's talents. So, although it's a hashtag that probably got him in trouble before, I'll repeat it in hopes that he gets another chance with this team: #FreeTWill

h/t: Red's Army

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