Brooklyn Nets fans think Paul Pierce will lead their team in scoring this season

Paul Pierce seems to be pretty popular among Brooklyn Nets fans already and he hasn't even suited up for them yet.

A poll on the Nets website asks fans who they believe will be Brooklyn's leading scorer this year, and the Truth is currently leading with 30% of the votes over Deron Williams (27%), Brook Lopez (19%), Joe Johnson (17%), and Kevin Garnett (7%). Click here to see the most current poll results. 

Last season, Deron Williams led the Nets in scoring with 1476 points. Brook Lopez was behind him with 1437, and Joe Johnson scored 1170. Pierce was the Celtics'  leading scorer last year, with 1430 points in 2012-2013.

I find it nice that Nets fans appreciate and respect Pierce's scoring abilities, even among his new younger teammates. And maybe they also appreciate his abilities to talk trash about their cross-city rivals, as Pierce has already gotten under Spike Lee's and J.R. Smith's skin with his comments about the Knicks.

Do you think Pierce will lead the Nets in scoring this year? Leave your comments below.