What if TV viewers saw exactly what the referees do? Google Glass could make this happen...

Back in June Victor Oladipo spent the day of the NBA draft wearing a "Google Glass" prototype.  If you haven't heard of what that is, watch this clip.  Here's a video of his experience:

In a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" interview last Friday, Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey was presented with the question "Do you think Google Glass could ever be integrated into live games, for example by having the officials wear them and letting the TV audience see what they saw?"  His response: "This is a great idea!  Tell Adam Silver."  Silver is the man who will be taking over duties as league commissioner next February when David Stern retires.  Morey then followed up his answer with this tweet:

The concept of getting replays from the referees point of view televised in your living room is definitely an intriguing one.  But why stop there?  Lets put Google Glass on the players too.  Who wouldn't want to see what the rim looks like to Jeff Green as he's about to throw down on Al Jefferson?  Plus it'd be hilarious to watch LeBron dribble out the clock at the end of a tie game and say "Glass, I can't decide, should I drive to the hole or shoot a step-back three?"

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