Vitor Faverani: "I would give everything for the team and bleed for this uniform"

Vitor Faverani has spoken again with the staff at Celticsspa, your favorite website from Spain. The Brazilian center has been as usual a class act with all of us and answered to many questions from the fans in the internet. Vitor has again been amazing to us, not being shy in his answers and delivering some pearls in the interview:

CS: We record a podcast every week, and have talked about that in the last one. There are lately some journalists that predict you will be a starter next season. This is just speculation today, but the next question deals with this: How are you managing the reports from experts considering you a probable starter? Is it adding you pressure?

VF: No, not at all. This is the first time I am hearing this, I believe. I do not have much time to read the social networks or anything, but I do not think, or feel, or consider whether I will be starting or not. As I told you, the team has not been together, or have a common workout or practice to know the coach’s ideas about the team. However, I can assure you that I am working very hard, I love being here and if I am a starter, let’s go! I would give everything for the team and bleed for this uniform, if needed.

I don't know about you, but this right away sounds like the Celtics attitude. He seems to be buying into the whole Boston Celtic tradition and what it means to be a Celtic.

When asked about his teammates, Faverani lets us know a little bit what is going on inside the Celtics locker room and the process the team is living in right now:

CS: Love this, Vitor. We are also asked, and I like this question, about your first feelings about your teammates.

VF: There are not many of them now, ok? Today I met three of them for the first time, but we have to build a great locker room. I had dinner with the coach and told him about locker rooms in Spain and their particular features, the union among the players which I like so much. The coach thinks the same, I guess he will try to build a team considering also the locker and its chemistry, and there will not be problems. The teammates I have met are nice people, they support you or help with the language, so everything is ok.

CS: Let me be a bit indiscreet now, what players have you meet so far among your teammates?

VF: Yes, but I have some language difficulties in this sense. I can tell you what they do and how they are working out in practice, but their pronunciation is so strange that I am not able to tell you exactly their names. Besides that, they are constantly using nicknames more than their Christian names, so I hear how they talk each other on the court and sometimes I get a bit lost. Nevertheless, I know very well who they are, where are they from and more, so no problem with that.

 It's August, its the OFFSEASON, but Vitor Faverani makes me excited about the season. Doesn't he make you feel the same?  He also talks about Brad Stevens:

CS: As a fan of yours, I am going to ask myself some questions too. I like college basketball and have followed Brad Stevens, I have seen Butler, his university. He is a defensive-minded coach who makes his team very cohesive and united, beyond the individual names. You have told us that you spoke to him, you had dinner together. What are your sensations about him? Do you think you will fit?

VF: Yes, when you talk to him it seems like talking to another player. He is very very young, a charming person. I have met his wife, his two children, his mom… and they are a beautiful family, his younger girl seems like an angel. They are a superb family who transmit union, as he wants to do it as a team, building a smooth locker room. I told him to expect all my help in such matters, because I love having a close locker and so I will do. He transmit a feeling of someone who likes hard work and wants the player to get on well among them and with the coach. I guess that he will be a kind of another player with us, being so young.

 Make sure you check the interview here and discover a little bit more about our newest center and how is he getting used to live with his new teammates in Boston, Rajon Rondo and Boston fans.