Video: The White Mamba Movie (Brian Scalabrine's short film debut)

I've been sitting on this Scalabrine short film for about 7 months now. Figured I'd wait until the dog days of the offseason to post it. Apparently back when Brian Scalabrine was with the Bulls a couple small business owners who make a sports drink got the White Mamba to participate in their short film ad campaign. If you can't get enough Scal (or Greater Than Coconut Water Sports Drink), this is for you. How does Scal's acting ability compare to former Celtic Dwyane Schintzius, he of the "What the Schintzius" vaZZoo fame or Acie Earl who I believe won a Golden Globe for his role in Moon Zero 3?

Vote 1 star for Scal should stick to being the G.O.A.T. on the basketball court or 5 stars for Move over Denzel, there's a new A-List actor in Hollywood.

UPDATE: The White Mamba himself weighs in:

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