Paul Pressey talks about his son Phil's future in the NBA

Paul Pressey played 11 NBA seasons from 1982-1993.  As a small forward with the Milwaukee Bucks he led the team in assists for five consecutive years, averaging 7.1 per game (as well as 14 points) between 1984 and 1989.  Before there was Scottie Pippen, Paul Pierce, or LeBron James, there was Paul Pressey; maybe the original "point forward."  Pressey also spend two years serving as a Celtics assistant on Doc Rivers' staff from 2004-2006.

For an undrafted rookie point guard hoping to land a role in Boston, Phil Pressey doesn't have to look very far to find a mentor.  Last week CSNNE's A. Sherrod Blakely shared some quotes from the elder Pressey regarding advice he has for his son while trying to make the transition to the NBA:
"Him being around basketball all his life, this is second nature to him. The biggest thing for him is making the adjustment to what the NBA is all about. The game is full of more talent. 'You're not the fastest. You're not the only one that's skilled. Everybody on the floor has skill. They got speed, they got size. So you have to make adjustments, too.' He's smart enough to figure that out. It's just gonna take time on the floor at this level to figure it out."

With no other true point guards currently on the roster, if Rajon Rondo isn't back by opening night Phil Pressey may have a chance to earn some legitimate playing time.

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