Paul Pierce will sit out Nets-Celtics preseason game in Boston

Paul Pierce suggested yesterday that he won't be making the trip to Boston for the Nets-Celtics preseason game on October 23rd, and will instead wait for the regular season to make an emotional return to the TD Garden.

From ESPN Boston:

Former Boston Celtics captain Paul Pierce hinted Thursday that he will attempt to avoid an exhibition matchup at TD Garden when the Brooklyn Nets visit on Oct. 23 and instead wait until a regular-season meeting in the new calendar year to make an emotional return to Boston.

"I'll [return to Boston] just one time next year," said Pierce, suggesting he'll wait for a Jan. 26 visit.

He added: "I don't have to use anything to motivate me, a trade or anything like that, for me to say I want to win a championship. I've only got so many more years left in my career, so ultimately the goal is to try to win another one or two, as many as I can before I retire. That's the motivation right there."

And an emotional return it will be. I'm sure the Celtics production team has already started working on a tribute video to welcome The Truth back to Boston. It was already hinted that the video to welcome Kevin Garnett back to Boston would include Gino. What moments would you like to see included in Pierce's video? Sounds off in the comments below.

My guess is that if Pierce is absent from the Nets' preseason tangle with the Celtics, KG will sit it out as well. Pierce made it public yesterday that he and Garnett didn't want to be part of the Celtics' rebuilding process, and that he was grateful to the Celtics for giving him and Garnett the opportunity to win another championship by sending them to the Nets. And for the sake of someone who bled green for his entire career up to this point, I hope he does retire with a second championship ring.