Delonte West says he'll play for a non-guaranteed contract

From the Boston Globe's Gary Washburn:

The thirty-year-old West hasn't played in the NBA since suiting up for Dallas in 2011-2012.  He was suspended twice last pre-season for various arguments with teammates, and eventually cut before opening night.  After remaining unsigned all winter, West did manage to play 10 games in the D-League for the Texas Legends last spring.  There were reports recently that the Knicks might be interested in him, but those seem to have passed.

Ranging from the rumor of his relations with LeBron James' mom, to the incident when he was pulled over on a motor cycle with a guitar case full of guns, West's struggles with bipolar disorder have crippled his NBA career.  Here's much more on West's situation from Mike Dyer a week ago.

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