Big victory for "The Truth and KG" a horse race?

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Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett may be done winning basketball games for the Boston Celtics, but it appears their namesakes’ are still coming through in the clutch.

The former Celtics greats’ nicknames were combined and given to a race horse that competed at Saratoga on Monday, Aug. 12. And just as Pierce and Garnett came through for the Celtics for many years, The Truth and KG came through with a photo finish victory, wearing green silks and No. 5 no less.

One would have to think that, unless the owner of the racehorse named it in the past two months, this horse was meant to be a nod to the two future hall of famers as Celtics. Or maybe someone just thought it was funny, which I think is how most people name their racehorses. I mean how else can you explain the second and third place finishers' names: Hello Lover and Bernie the Maestro.

Here's to hoping the horse keeps it up, just so "The Truth and KG" can keep winning in green. Even if it's namesakes have taken their talents to Brooklyn.

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