Video: Kris Humphries is excited to play with Rondo

I'm not as anti-Humphries as it appears that everyone else is. He's no star, but he can rebound, which is something the team has desperately lacked the past few years. And regarding the Rondo stuff, that's a non-story. KG got into it with Blatche and they'll be fine as teammates. So will Rondo and Humphries. Here's what Humphries had to say when asked who he is most excited to play with on the Celtics:
"I'm excited to play with everyone, but having a chance to play with Rondo who's the ultimate point guard, can really pass, push the ball. I'm excited. I'm going to come in in great shape. I'm excited to get out there and run whenever he's ready to play."

Keith Bogans made a cool $5 million by agreeing to be part of this trade. Besides making the contracts match-up for the trade, Bogans should be a solid veteran presence for what could be a young locker room.

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Videos courtesy of the Boston Celtics.