Ray Allen discusses KG leaving the Celtics a year after he was critical of Ray's departure

Before anyone says anything, yes I know KG didn't publicly say he was upset with Ray, but if the I lost his number line wasn't enough, the opening dap snub should have proved it. While Ray is correct with the "walk a mile in his shoes" line, you will also recall that he was quite critical of David West when West chose the Pacers, so Ray can be pretty hypocritical. I'm very anxious to hear KG talk at his Brooklyn press conference, but I have nothing negative to say about his departure. If anything he did the Celtics a solid by waiving his no trade clause. He could of made things much more difficult for Ainge and Boston. Only thing he could of done more for us would have been to demand that Gerald Wallace stayed in Brooklyn. Oh well.

If anyone Ray could of used the "walk a mile in his shoes" line on Doc Rivers. Doc chose to leave the Celtics. But Doc could counter that he was only leaving because he was told that KG and Pierce would be traded, so he wasn't leaving the Big 3 (like Ray did). They were all going to be gone anyway. Personally I have no problem with Doc going to the Clippers or Ray leaving. Players are traded. Coaches are fired. If Doc doesn't leave now, who says he's not fired halfway through this season if Ainge and Doc butted heads over the rebuilding. I could 100% see Doc trying to scratch out as many wins as possible while Danny would prefer he play the young guys. We're better off with Stevens at this stage. Rivers going to the Clippers was in fact a win/win. My only issue with Ray is that he talked too much on the way out.