Popovich wanted Metta World Peace to become a Spur

Crazy, how the most insane NBA players are always wanted on the top NBA teams. I don't know what it is, maybe it is their swagger, their demeanor, or even the toughness they bring to the court. I just see them as train wrecks that bring their teams to the ground (look at what happened to JR Smith after he elbowed Jason Terry). As for Metta World Peace, to me, has played a little defense, went into the stands, made one clutch three pointer in his life, and elbowed James Harden, that's bout it.

To Gregg Popovich however, see's a player who he wanted to have on the San Antonio Spurs. Yardbarker reported that Daniel Artest, Metta's brother, said Popovich wanted his brother to be on the Spurs.

I finally met Popovich, told him I was a big Spurs fan and he said he always liked Ron on his team,’’ Artest said. “I relayed the message, tried to convince [World Peace], but my brother didn’t believe me.

Metta, Ron, Crazy, whatever you call him, would totally kill the Spurs mentality. Look at what happened with Stephen Jackson? The "Spurs Way" is fine on how it is now and definitely doesn't need World Peace on their roster.

Would you have ever wanted Metta on the Celtics? Comment below.

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