Meet the New Guys: Gerald Wallace

Welcome to Boston Gerald Wallace… 6 years ago that would sound like an awesome sentence, right? But now, not so much. The 30 year old swingman average 7.7 PPG on 39% shooting, his lowest output since began playing consistently with the Charlotte Bobcats. Wallace was thrown in this trade to help salaries matchup and get KG and the Truth to Brooklyn, his current deal pays him 10.1 Mill per year for the next 3 seasons.

It’s too early to tell if Ainge plans on keeping Wallace for the upcoming season but if we’re looking to get the best chance for ping pong balls to fall our way, it’d be a good idea. He’s a shell of the former athletic swing-man that he used to be, but if you watch the highlight mix below he looks like an all-star. When this guy was playing for MJ, he would be on Sport Centers top ten once a week with his pretty dunks. He’s the all-pro example of Bill Simmons ‘good stats for a bad team’ mantra. It will be interesting to see if he's on the opening day roster, and how he assimilates himself because he was involved in that so called Rondo and Humphries "brawl" but for now welcome Gerald Wallace!

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