Clippers mock Lakers with Chris Paul "Stayed" banner

Since Dwight Howard is a sensitive prima donna the Lakers have been trying to make him feel wanted by plastering Stay banners around L.A. Looks like the Clippers decided to taunt their fellow Staples Center tenants with the above banner. I really hope Howard leaves, but I could totally see him reupping with the Lakers and then immediately regretting it. Basically what he did with Orlando a year and a half ago. The Lakers had the last meeting which is a pretty big advantage. Howard now says he wants to leave L.A. for a few days to think about his decision, which he reportedly will make on Friday. The heavy favorites remain the Rockets and the Lakers.

Taking another look at this I'm going to say there is about a 100% chance this pic is photoshopped. Maybe 101% chance. Still funny though. Sort of their version of our Afternoon Delight.