Celtics crush Pistons in summer league behind Kelly Olynyk (13 points) and Darius Johnson-Odom

Coming off of a summer league opening loss to the Orlando Magic, the Celtics bounced back in Game 2, crushing the Pistons 93-63. Detroit's best summer player (Andre Drummond), who really is too good for the league, sat this one out, opening the door for Boston to roll against the Pistons.

Like we said yesterday though, it's not about the final score, but instead about the individual performances. Let's go player by player and break it down.

- Kelly Olynyk only scored 13 points, but he was the best player on the court for the 2nd straight game. He added 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 5 steals and a block while shooting 5-9 from the floor. Midway through the third quarter he drilled a pull up a three that very few seven footers, even in the NBA, can hit consistently. Stat lines may not translate from summer league to the real thing, but Olynyk's shooting ability and his array of post moves should. He's going to be a really helpful on the offensive end this season.

- Darius Johnson-Odom followed up a shaky debut with a fantastic outing in this one, scoring a game high 22 points on 8-14 shooting. Odom has really bothered his opponents with his length and quickness on defense this week, and just looks like a guy who could crack an NBA roster.

- Phil Pressey looked a lot more comfortable in this one as well, holding his own on the defensive end while adding 12 points and 4 assists on the opposite end. One thing that has been shaky has been Pressey's ball security as he's turned the ball over 9 times in 48 minutes of action so far in Orlando. Sure, two of those were passes that Fab Melo fumbled, but still. Gotta protect that ball.

- Speaking of Fab Melo..Fab scored 6 points and grabbed three rebounds in 19 minutes. Melo did draw a charge and appeared to be working hard, boxing out on the glass. With all that said, he really hasn't done anything through two games to change my impression that he's just not an NBA basketball player. There are some guys out there that seemingly can see plays develop in their head before they actually do on the court. Fab is the opposite. He reacts to what's going on and is routinely a step behind. Not an ideal quality for any professional athlete.

- Tony Mitchell again impressed despite the fact that he wasn't even the best Tony Mitchell on the floor (Detroit also has a Tony Mitchell). Mitchell scored 9 points in 17 minutes and for the 2nd time in as many days impressed with an acrobatic put back.

- Colton Iverson scored 3 points and picked up 5 rebounds in just 13 minutes of action. Which lends the question..why the hell is he only playing 13 minutes? The team traded into the second round to draft him, and he's definitely a big, athletic guy worthy of a look. Which makes me question why he's 9th on the team in playing time, behind such legends as Lawrence Hill and Courtney Fells. Would really like to see more of Iverson as the week progresses.

- Rasheed Wallace debuted as a Pistons coach, and didn't get ejected, even though they lost by 30. I know, I'm surprised as well. It's going to be interesting to see how Sheed fares as an assistant. No one could ever doubt his basketball IQ, but having young big men like Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond learn from the guy who holds the NBA single season record for technical fouls, and showed up to camp with the Celtics in 2009 out of shape seems like a risk on Detroit's end.

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