Celtics acquire very valuable $10.3 million traded player exception in trade with Nets

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The Celtics acquired a $10.3 million traded player exception as part of the Nets swap. That's an insanely valuable asset for a team that could put itself in position to vault back to contender status -- and remain there -- if it makes the right steps moving forward.

The trade exception will expire on July 12, 2014, meaning it has to be used soon after the moratorium lifts next summer. But the sign-and-trade options it affords could bring in a star-caliber player. If another team desires to shed salary and head into its own rebuild mode by moving on from a star player, Boston can absorb that talent.

Mike Dyer had mentioned the day after the trade of the possibility of the Celtics acquiring a traded player exception, but soon after when the trade was adjusted (Brooks and Joseph in; Evans and Shengelia out) the media stopped talking about the traded player exception. Chris Forsberg is correct that the Celtics could use the exception to snag another team's star early next Summer. The C's could also use it to take on another team's contract in order to grab another 1st rounder (The Jazz just received two first rounders from the Warriors by doing this). Or maybe Danny trades the exception with Gerald Wallace for someone like Amar'e Stoudemire and a pick (in order to get out of paying Wallace during the 2015/16 season). Now sometimes teams just let traded player exceptions expire, but I'm really hoping Danny is able to pick up an asset or two with it.

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