Carmelo Anthony "doubts" he will team up with either Kobe or LeBron

The three guys on the right will not be wearing the same uniform in 2014, luckily for all of us

Last week it was reported that the Los Angeles Lakers were interested in acquiring superstar forwards LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony after the 2013-2014 season. Anthony spoke on the topic in an unofficial interview and expressed his disinterest in joining the once Western Conference powerhouse.
He was asked if he could see himself donning a purple and gold outfit, 'Melo responds "I doubt it". Anthony was also asked about his play alongside LeBron James and he comes back with the two Gold Medals the two won while playing for Team USA (my guess is he is saying 'I won Gold Medals with him, but I won't win the Larry O'Brien trophy with him'). Can we really take his word for it? His New York Knicks finally won a division title, but they have yet make it to the Conference Finals (a place Anthony hasn't been to since the 2009 Playoffs with the Denver Nuggets.)

Credit to TMZ for the video.