Brad Stevens while being introduced as Celtics coach: 'There's no bigger fan of Rajon Rondo than me'

Photo courtesy A. Sherrod Blakely
I didn't post on the Stevens hire the other day because we already had numerous articles on it, but I feel like I need to chime in after his introduction.

Brad Stevens is going to be a phenomenal coach, one of the best in the NBA, and with one hire the outlook on the next ten years of Boston Celtics basketball has gotten infinitely brighter.

Stevens is an analytical mind who also focuses intently on personal relationships. Fostering both a sense of team, and strong individual relationships with his players, and then using statistical analysis to gain an advantage over his counterparts. There are really two parts of coaching; the X's and O's, and the way you handle people. Stevens is is a rarity that is strong at both. It worked at Butler, and the same exact formula will work in Boston.

No, it won't produce 50 win seasons off the bat, but the six year deal that Stevens received shows the teams commitment to him, a commitment highly necessary as the club starts a rebuild.

Today Stevens was introduced as the 17th coach in team history, one for every championship. Here are some of the highlights, transcribed by Baxter Holmes of the Boston Globe, and Jay King of MassLive.

Ainge on Stevens:

Stevens on taking the job:

Stevens took notes this morning. I mean, how awesome is that?

And most importantly for many, here is Stevens on Rondo. Never take public comments as gospel, but the notion that Rondo is a goner because of Stevens hire is ridiculous.

When Doc Rivers left, I was pretty disappointed in him. He may not have flat out quit, but he was lukewarm on wanting to stay, which is just as bad, and he bailed right at the start of the rebuild. Not only that, but he waited nearly eight weeks to do it, leaving the Celtics with what appeared to be 2nd tier options for coach.

Boy was I wrong on that part.

Stevens hasn't won a single game yet, but after watching him take Butler teams further than they should have gone year after year, I'm convinced he will do the same in Boston. Say what you want about Ainge, but he crushed this hire (I also think the Doc and Pierce/KG deals will end up grading pretty well when all is said and done).

When Pierce and Garnett are introduced as Nets next week, the 2007-2013 Boston Celtics will officially be laid to rest. In their place, Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge will begin the tumultuous process of a rebuild. It won't be easy, but Ainge found the right man to lead the team through it.

Opening night can't come soon enough.

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