Besiktas' head coach: "We've reached a 2-year deal with Colton Iverson"

A week ago I wrote about a rumor that Colton Iverson could be headed to Turkey to play for Allen Iverson, Deron Williams and Semih Erden's ex-team. I had advised you take that news with a grain of salt, however as of today, things have gotten more serious. Besiktas' head coach Ahmet Kandemir has reportedly said on the club's official TV channel that they've reached a 2-year deal with Colton Iverson, with a player option to return to the Celtics (but not any other team) at the end of this year. The fee has not been disclosed yet, but since Besiktas is a publicly traded company, they will make that information public the moment things become formal.

As I've mentioned before, I believe this to be a positive move for Iverson's career. European basketball suits his playing style, and playing in a Mediterranean country for a year does wonders in handling crowd pressure. Just ask Patrick Beverley about it.

From the Celtics' point of view, this is a no-brainer: You send him off to an internship to a competitive league, you don't pay him and you still hold his rights.

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