Usain Bolt is a huge fan of Kevin Garnett and the Celtics

Notice the green #5 shorts.

Earlier this season the fastest man in the world was interviewed by Slam Magazine, and one of the topics discusses was his love for KG and the Celtics:

Usain Bolt getting Garnett's autograph.
SLAM: How much of a basketball fan are you?
UB: I’m a big basketball fan. It’s a lot of teams, but I’m a Boston Celtic fan. I’ve been a Celtic fan since Kevin Garnett got there. I was a Timberwolves fan and then became a Boston fan when KG came. I’m a KG fan. Everywhere KG goes, I support.
SLAM: Why do you like KG so much?
UB: KG for me, he’s a fighter, he’s a leader, he’s a champion. I seen him go through a lot. He’s very tough mentally, and he goes out there and plays hard and always gives 150 percent. So for me, that’s the biggest thing. Even when he was injured, he was always there with his team, always supporting them, always pushing them to be the best, so for me, that’s something big. That’s a leadership quality that I like and appreciate.

Well said Mr. Bolt, well said.  Many of those qualities aptly sum up why it's likely Garnett will be back in green again next season.  And check out this clip of Bolt in the C's locker room back in 2009 (the shirtless Scalabrine entrance is pretty amusing):

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