Trade market for Paul Pierce reportedly "healthy"

From an article by Steve Bulpett in this morning's Boston Herald:
"There is reportedly healthy interest in Pierce out on the market. But the Celtics won’t be giving him away. Ainge has noted that his captain had a strong overall year, and while he wasn’t quite up to his own par in the playoffs, there are valid reasons for that. (Without Rajon Rondo, Pierce’s job description grew dramatically.)"

The Paul Pierce most of us remember right now is the guy who turned the ball over 5+ times a game in the New York series.  But let's not forget that for the season he still averaged 18.6 points, 6.3 rebounds, and 4.8 assists; not to mention a 19.2 PER (Player Efficiency Rating), 33rd best in the NBA.

That's also a great point about the effect Rondo's absence had on the Captain. Without his point guard Pierce was often forced to be a primary ball handler and play maker, especially in the playoffs.  Some of the same reasons why Avery Bradley's game suffered were true for Pierce as well.

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