Report: Talks back on; Clippers offer protected 2015 1st round pick for Doc Rivers

Once the Celtics cancelled their scheduled noon press conference, you figured that it was only a matter of time before the C's and Clippers started to talk trade again. Less than an hour later, they reportedly have, and if Mark Heisler is correct, Los Angeles is finally willing to offer compensation for Doc. From Heisler's twitter.

So LA has upped their offer from "squat" to a protected pick two years from now. Not the most tempting offer in the world, but if Ainge's goal is indeed to get a single first rounder for Doc, it's a start.

Now of course, as Heisler says, the haggling begins. Ainge will of course try and get the Clippers pick either in next weeks draft (25th selection), or if he thinks the 2014 draft is considerably better (and it most definitely is), he may be fine with taking LA's 2014 selection.

But make no mistake folks, this deal is still very much alive. Every time you hear that it's "dead" it's simply one side or the other trying to gain leverage. Now, that doesn't mean that it's guaranteed to happen, after all this seems to be one of the most complicated deals in recent history, but both teams want to get it done..and that's usually a pretty good sign that a deal will happen.

We will update as more information comes, but I've got an inkling (and my inkling's are correct about 60% of the time), that something goes down today. The finals are over and both teams know the clock is ticking — time to either make this happen or go their separate ways.

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