Report on trade: "NBA guys say they don't see how this can happen"

The one last thing the Celtics have to save them from Danny Ainge's lackluster effort to trade Doc and KG is David Stern.

As we posted last night, the league doesn't allow two deals to be made that are contingent on each other. It's quite obvious that this is the case with the trade that is being discussed.

The Celtics and Clippers are talking about sending Kevin Garnett to the Clippers in exchange for DeAndre Jordan. Also, they will agree to release Doc Rivers from his contract in exchange for two first round draft picks.

So, since this deal is very much going against this rule, it could very easily be blocked. Do you think Kevin Garnett would goto the Clippers if Doc wasn't heading there? No. You saw evidence of that at the trade deadline when the Clippers were offering both Eric Bledsoe and DeAndre Jordan and Kevin Garnett wouldn't waive his no-trade clause to go.

Saved by Stern?

Not exactly. The Celtics and Clippers will have to change this deal, which could change the terms of the deal even. We'll keep you updated.