Report: Jason Kidd trying to become head coach of Brooklyn Nets

From the great Adrian Wojnarowski.

Freshly retired NBA star Jason Kidd is pursuing the Brooklyn Nets' head coaching job and his candidacy has been discussed within the highest levels of the organization, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Jason Kidd recently retired after 19 seasons in the NBA. (AP)
Kidd has been talking with associates about the possibility of making the immediate leap from a Hall of Fame playing career to a head coaching job, and has been working to identify a staff of assistant coaches who could help him overcome the significant learning curve, sources said.


Kidd still has strong ties within the Nets' organization that he revived with consecutive NBA Finals appearances (2002 and '03). After 19 seasons in the league, Kidd retired last week after one season with the New York Knicks.
Before Kidd signed a free-agent deal with the Knicks, he considered re-joining the Nets as a backup to star point guard Deron Williams. Kidd and Williams have a strong relationship and share an agent.

When Kidd retired last week despite having two seasons remaining on his deal with the Knicks, maybe he had this job in mind. After all, getting paid $3+ million to play the role of player-coach with the Knicks isn't exactly a bad gig, unless you compare it with playing the role of head coach for a potential Eastern Conference contender.

As the article mentions, Kidd will absolutely need an experienced staff to overcome the learning curve, but it's possible the Nets have seen the success of another point guard turned coach with no experience, Mark Jackson, and are ready to take the risk.

At the very least it would make headlines, something the Nets love to do.

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