Larry Bird returns to the Pacers

The Indy Star is reporting that Larry Bird will once again be running the Indiana Pacers.
Bird, who took a year off to deal with physical issues and to clear his mind, agreed Wednesday to return to the Pacers as the organization’s top man. He will start Monday.

“He’s got plenty of rings of his own, now I want him to win one for me,” Pacers owner Herb Simon told The Star. “He’s got his energy back, his health back and he’s raring to go.”

This is obviously a very big announcement for the Pacers as Bird has been successful at everything he does in basketball. He took Indiana State to their only championship game, won 3 titles with the Celtics, won Coach of the Year and took the Pacers to the NBA Finals. Then after he could no longer travel due to his back he rebuilt the small market Pacers and won Executive of the Year. Some of his recent accolades include turning Jermaine O'Neal right as he was entering the corpse stage of his career into Roy Hibbert, drafting Paul George, and stealing David West from the Celtics.