Larry Bird meets with Kings to discuss front office position

Vivek Ranadive is meeting with Larry Bird to discuss a position with the Sacramento Kings, according to a report from Peter Vecsey.

Vecsey reports that Bird could be asking for $5 million per season and possibly a partial ownership stake in the Kings.

Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee has confirmed that the meeting is taking place.

I know that there are a lot of fans that think Danny Ainge is a great GM, but the guy I've always lamented that he didn't get a shot to run the Celtics is Larry Bird. I mean one could understand why he'd want to go back to his hometown Indiana and not have to deal with the Boston media, but he has no connections to Sacramento. Guys get bored when they retire, so I'm sure Bird looks at the situation as an intriguing challenge. Not sure if he'll bite on Ranadive's offer, but Bird would be a great get for the Kings.

Ironically the Kings also had the other top 2 Celtic in history, Bill Russell, run their team for a while. Russell couldn't build a winning team that didn't have a Bill Russell playing center for it, but Bird has continually achieved success in the front office. In fact the current Pacers were essentially completely built by Bird. Best of luck to Larry Legend if he decides to take this position.

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