If he "had to name a guy," LeBron says Paul Pierce, not Kobe, is his biggest rival

LeBron James recently sat down for an NBA TV interview with Ahmad Rashad.  In an effort to compare all-time greats, Rashad was eager for LeBron to call Kobe Bryant his rival.  James brushed aside that notion however, instead choosing to bring up Paul Pierce and the Celtics:
Ahmad Rashad: "Wilt Chamberlain had Russell as his rival, Bird had Magic, is Kobe your rival?" 
LeBron: "When you look at Wilt and Russell, they met multiple times in the Finals, same with Magic and Bird.  It's unfortunate we've [LeBron and Kobe] never had an opportunity to meet in the Finals...  I don't think two games a season is enough to classify as a rivalry.  I would say that I don't really have an individual rivalry, I think the closest would be Paul Pierce.  I would say Boston is a rival of mine because I've met them so many times in the postseason; I've been able to advance against them, they've sent me home fishing a few times.  I would say Boston and Paul Pierce would kind of be that guy if I had to name just one guy."

Click here to watch the full video at NBA.com, thanks to @MrTrpleDouble10 for the find.

Notice how LeBron feels the need to throw in that "I don't really have an individual rival" quip; as if no one is fit to be called a "rival" to his royal highness King James.

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