How Full of BS Are You? Obscure Names from Celtics History

In a recurring segment on "Jimmy Kimmel Live", a reporter asks ridiculous questions to see how full of crap people are. Hilariously, the interviewees often pretend to know what the reporter is talking about even though all the names and events are made up. Though I'm never quite sure if the whole segment is genuine, it always makes for good comedy.

Last night, Kimmel presented the Miami Heat edition, where the reporter just made up strategic terms, player names, and types of injuries. All of the interviewees claimed to be die-hard Heat fans and yet they never called BS on any of the questions. It's particularly funny because Miami is notorious for its bandwagon fans who fall asleep when the team is losing and leave halfway through the 4th quarter to beat traffic. Also, I'm pretty sure the woman you see below is a former Heat dancer.

But not so fast, Celtics fans! Take this test to see if you can identify which of the names on the following list once played for the C's. The fakes include a video game character, a Russian revolutionary, a jazz saxophonist, and a Game of Thrones character.

Ibrahim Moizoos ('92-'93)
Wayne Kreklow ('80-'81)
Žan Tabak ('97-'98')
Vitaly Potapenko ('98-'02)
Jules Winnfield ('78-'79)
Bill Dinwiddie ('69-'71)
Shakeem Hendrix ('97-'98)
Woody Sauldsberry ('65-'66)
Dwayne Schintzius ('98-'99)
Niko Bellic ('97-'98)
Saul Mariaschin ('47-'48)
Stojko Vranković ('90-'92)
Ornette Coleman ('71-'73)
Lucian Whitaker ('54-'55)
Grigory Zinoviez ('96-'97)
Bob Bigelow ('77-'78)
Julius Nwosu ('96-'97)
Daenerys Targaryen ('94-'96)
Sly Williams ('85-'86)

Once you've distinguished the real from the fake, look 'em up to see how full of BS you are.

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