Highly unlikely that Doc Rivers coaches the Celtics this year, Clippers trade talks to resume

Another day, another anonymous source, another set of bad news for Celtics fans.

It seems that Doc Rivers would rather do anything in the world than come back to coach the Celtics, at least that's the impression he's given off to certain people around the league.

The Celtics-Clippers talks stalled Saturday after the Clippers refused to meet Danny Ainge's high demands, particularly sending Eric Bledsoe to Boston. The Clippers would like to use Bledsoe in a trade for Dwight Howard, which also remains unlikely. However, it appears as if the Celtics and Clippers will revisit these talks soon, perhaps after the NBA Finals.

It doesn't surprise me that this source of Baxter Holmes' doesn't think Doc would come back to Boston. It would be pretty awkward now. How does the locker room feel about their coach trying to jump ship on them? How does Jeff Green, Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley, Jared Sullinger, etc. feel that their coach tried to leave them behind to move on to bigger and better things? How can they buy into what he's selling this year when his actions give the impression he doesn't believe in them?

There's certainly some interesting questions to come out of the fall out to all of this.