Heat hold championship parade, no one shows up

Question: if the Heat hold a championship parade, and no one shows up..does the championship count? Check out this picture (h/t barstool)

Are you kidding me? There are literally more people on the player buses than there are on the sidewalks.

Just for perspective, here are some pictures of recent Boston championship parades:

Celtics, 2008

Bruins, 2011

Red Sox, 2004

Patriots, 2004

That last one was the Patriots 2nd title in three seasons, so I don't want to hear anything about how Heat fans are "just used to winning".

Listen, the Heat are a fantastic basketball team. I understand some people can't admit that, and that any time they win it's because of the refs, that LeBron isn't that good just because "MJ WAS BETTER!", that they would go 11-71 if they played in the 80's, ect. I do not like the way they came together, or the personalities on their team, but I've always at least respected them on the court.

However, their fan base is a different story. They leave with 30 seconds left in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, only to violently try and break back in. They kill their husbands and then flip off opposing players while standing 6 inches from them. They wear moon boots.

And now 140 people show up for the championship parade. Embarrassing. I know there are diehard Heat fans out there, but the majority of that fan base is horrific. Good luck when LeBron leaves.

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