Green Target: Mickael Pietrus

As the Celtics face franchise-altering decisions regarding Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Doc Rivers, one of the more tangential names being thrown around the rumor mill is Mickael Pietrus.

The 31 year-old Frenchman first played for Boston in the 2011-2012 season, when he struggled mightily on offense but was solid on D. His best performance on the court came when he hit two big 3s in Game 5 against the Heat, but you might remember him best for his hilarious off-court antics. He was also a fantastic locker-room presence overflowing with Celtic pride. After playing only 19 games of forgettable basketball for Toronto this season, Pietrus is looking to get another shot in Beantown.

Though he has had some strong years for Golden State and Orlando, Pietrus' already limited scoring ability has been exacerbated by injuries. He spent his first month as a Celtic sidelined with a bad knee, missed several weeks after a frightening concussion, and lost most of this season with further knee issues. MP's gimpy legs have also hampered his shooting as he has shot under 40% from the floor in 3 straight seasons.

Pietrus could provide strong defense, rebounding, and surprisingly fierce dunks if healthy, but he still might not be of use since Boston has 2 much better small forwards in Jeff Green and Paul Pierce. If "The Truth" stays with the team, the chances of Pietrus returning are very low. However, if #34 is indeed traded (or bought out), Danny Ainge might actually give the Frenchman a call.

Either way, Pietrus is worth no more than the veterans minimum and certainly won't be playing many minutes for the C's. He's only played 118 games in 3 years, so it would probably be unwise to give him a spot on the roster. That being said, I would enjoy having him as a back of the rotation guy who boosts team chemistry and shows off epic dance moves for the fans.

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