Doc Rivers and Bill Simmons still going at it a day later

Listen to WEEI's interview with Doc Rivers here.

Right now, ESPN is just hoping this dies. They don't want to tell Simmons to back down for fear of Simmons getting pissed and calling out his employer.

Here's Doc earlier today on the Dan Patrick Show:
“Bill is a fan. Is he qualified to do the NBA? We can debate that all day. But he's a fan. Not a friend of mine or a fan of mine and he never has been. I thought it kind of ruined the broadcast last night because he kept bringing it up. It's almost like he had an agenda."

And in case you are wondering here's Simmons column from the pre Big 3 days when he was calling for Doc to get fired. He went after Doc HARD. I wouldn't blame Doc (and his family) for still holding a grudge against Simmons.

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Credit EK for the pic.