Celtics release guard Terrence Williams

Per several sources, the Celtics have waived Terrence Williams.

The Celtics did not announce a reason for his release, but it is clearly tied to his off-season gun charges in Washington.

The Celtics had a non-guaranteed contract option on Williams that would have paid him $947,000 if he made the team out of training camp, and had little reason to release him now besides the off court issues. Considering the recent purge of talent in Boston, Williams had a strong change to carve out a rotation spot next season. Unfortunately, a terrible decision at home (allegedly waiving a gun towards his ex in front of his son) has cost him his shot.

As awful as it sounds, you need a certain amount of talent to overcome off-court issues in this league. If this had been Rondo, he'd still be a Celtic. But when you combine marginal NBA talent with a serious gun charge..adios.

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