10 times 10: Newest edition of your podcast in Spanish

Doc wanted to be a Clipper.
Welcome to our newest edition of your Celtics podcast in Spanish. This time we celebrate our 10th edition of the show.

This week the office was finally relieved to see the end of the Celtics-Clippers saga. Doc Rivers decided he preferred to coach the Los Angeles Clippers instead of making himself a bigger statue among the realm of Celtics glorified coaches. In the podcast we discuss the consequences of the trade for Rivers in which we got a first rounder of the 2015 draft from LA. We all agree in the fact that a 2014 draft pick would have been better, but we also acknowledge that is better to get something than nothing.

Later we discuss the report of the fight between Doc Rivers and Rajon Rondo. We find it hard to believe, particularly because there is only one source that confirms this (Sheridan) and also because of the timing of this rumor. We doubt something like this would have happened and that that may have motivated Rivers´ departure.

Together again?
We discuss in length about the consequences of this trade and what may happen next. The future of Rivers seemed to be linked to Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. It is hard to imagine Paul and Kevin back to Boston next season,but it won´t be so easy to see Garnett and Pierce playing for Rivers either. We talk about the difficulty of Garnett doing so, because the league will not allow any trade between Boston and LA Clippers.
A three team trade could be an option but it still looks like a long shot.

The staff discuss trade possibilities for Garnett and Pierce in order to start a complete rebuilding of the team. There have been rumors linking Houston (McHale) and Minnesota linked to Garnett in particular. It is also possible that KG decides to continue with the Celtics or also retire. We think that KG will either leave or retire.

Goodbye to the Celtics today?
Later in the podcast we discuss the future of Paul Pierce, who has been rumored to be traded to Cleveland (for two high second rounders) or Milwaukee. If the team is going to be revamped, this could be a nice option for the team. We explain our listeners is that the objective for the Celtics would be to free space and money in order to rebuild. Obviously, Pierce is not worth that. But the team needs to look ahead and try to find the best way to cut salaries for next year and get some young blood.

Please, Danny...Call me!
The direct consequences of Doc´s departure are clearly an impact on the coaching staff. We need a new coach and it seems what interests the Celtics is a young and cheap coach for this new group of players. Names mentioned in the podcast were Lawrence Frank (has rejected an offer from Brooklyn), Vinny del Negro and Lionel Hollins. In the podcast we also discussed the chances of signing Brian Shaw, but he signed with the Nuggets right after the program.

We are kind of surprised that the team will face the draft and likely the beginning of free agency without a head coach. None of us like this idea because the coach´s opinion should be priority in order to select new players for the future ahead. We are about to leave some crucial moments for the franchise and we expect that the team had a plan B if Rivers finally left, as he has done.

It is the time for the draft in a few hours and we obviously talk in length about the possible players that the team may be targeting. In fact, many of our listeners have asked a lot about it during the week and we dedicate a lot of time answering them. The staff mentions Olynyk, Ledo, Larkin or Muhammad are the names that came to our heads when discussing the latest possibilities for the Celtics to draft. It will all depend on the number of picks we will finally have. If a trade for Pierce is confirmed, the team will likely have three ones and the team should choose the best talent available. In this section, we talk about the legacy that KG and Pierce have left in the Celtics and we all agree that both players will have their numbers retired in the future.

Next we have our humor section in which we live Álvaro asks questions to all of us live. The questions can be about NBA, Celtics or personal ones. We discover many interesting facts about our colleagues in the office as we test the general basketball knowledge of everybody.

We fully recommend this show, you may listen to it while you anxiously wait for the NBA draft tonight.

Enjoy it:

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