Would you trade Rajon Rondo for Stephen Curry?

So, we have all watched the wonderful Stephen Curry take off and make himself a current super-star player in the NBA Playoffs. He dazzles us with his amazing shooting ability and his array of different shots that he makes. If you are a basketball fan, you love everything that he is doing right now.

So the question is, if the Warriors owner called you, the GM of the Boston Celtics, and asked if he could trade Stephen Curry for Rajon Rondo, would you do it?

Now you are trading a 4 time All-star, 1 championship ring, 27-year old, Mr. Triple Double himself, for a young up and coming, best shooter in the world, type of player.

Rajon Rondo will be coming off a torn ACL that might take him a little while to get comfortable, while Stephen Curry has terrible ankles and re-injures them every season, making him miss significant time during his career.

Rajon Rondo lead the league in assists per game at 11.1 and triple doubles with 5 (he did not play half the season), while Stephen Curry broke Ray Allen's all time 3 pointers made in a season record with 272 makes while leading his team to a series tie against the all-mighty San Antonio Spurs.

To me, I could not trade Rajon Rondo, I love and hate him too much to trade him for Stephen Curry, even though Stephen Curry is showing us he is a once in a life time player. I also do not trust his ankles for the long haul.

Would you trade Rajon Rondo for Steph Curry? Comment below.

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