Terrence Williams' side of the story; says he didn't point a gun at anyone

Last night T-Will sent out a tweet proclaiming his innocence shortly after posting bail.  Here's more on Williams' version of things via The Boston Herald's Mark Murphy:
According to a probable cause document provided to the Herald, the woman told police she wanted to ask Williams about “disparaging” comments he had made about her other children, but he refused to get out of the vehicle. She started banging on the hood of the vehicle, insisting that they talk. Williams admitted to police that he did indeed pull out the gun, but said he didn’t point it at anyone. He told police that he felt threatened when the woman started kicking the front of his car after approaching with her boyfriend, adding that he sensed a third person approaching from the vehicle’s passenger side. He said he pulled out a handgun and, holding it to his side, briefly stepped out of the vehicle, then eventually got back in the car and drove out of the complex.

Even if this really is exactly how it went down, things would be looking a lot better for Williams if there was no gun involved in this story.

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